Sweet Kommulu / Khasta Goja / Sweet Tusks

Sugar Kommulu 500g Sweet Tusks | panchadara Kommulu in Telugu | chakkera Murukulu in Telugu | Manoharam in Tamil | Sugar Kommulu | chakkera kommulu | Teepi kommulu
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Sweet Kommulu  are also called as Sugar Murukulu in Andhra or  Manoharam in TamilNadu.

Sugar Kommulu is one of the very ancient sweet dessert of south India.

They are made in 3 varities

1. Salty Kommulu called as Bombay kommulu

2.Sugar Kommulu 

3.Bellam or Jaggery Kommulu

 We bring you :

  • Made from finest ingredients and prepared in an Homely environment.
  • Best Taste, Flavor, Color & Aroma.
  • No Chemicals & Preservatives were added.
  • A great health snack for kids & elderly.

 Shell life: 30Days


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