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Nellore Malai Kaja

Malai Kaja / Kala Jamun / Nellore Malai Khaja 500 g (₹ 79 / 100g)
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A Famous sweet origin of Nellore.

Also Called Kala Jamun.  A Milk made Sweet prepared from paneer mixed in sweetened milk

Malai Khaja is an irrestible sweet from the Asian Cusine that is famous and favorite for its unforgottable taste amongst Indians.

A Royal and elegant Indian dessert made with a base of condensed milk , khova, Maida and sugar.

It is crispy and flaky from outside and soft khova / mawa with sugar juicy at the inside.

It is a sweet considered to be as a prestige during many occassions held at Nellore.

The most sold sweet at Nellore.

One Must tatste this sweet in their life time.

Weight : 1/2Kg or 500gm

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