Namkeens are Crispy, crunchy, colourful, spicy and salty savouries. They are perfect accompaniments for long converstions with friends & family members, watching TV, Movies and also a time-pass during travel and journeys.

They are best to be enjoyed at snack time along with a hot cup of tea or coffee!

Picture of Roasted salted Kaju / Salted Cashew nuts

Roasted salted Kaju / Salted Cashew nuts

¥1,121 ¥960
Picture of Chekodi / Chegodi

Chekodi / Chegodi

¥561 ¥479
Picture of Boondi kara / kara Boondi

Boondi kara / kara Boondi

From ¥431
Picture of Gavvalu / Sweet Shells

Gavvalu / Sweet Shells

¥559 ¥479
Picture of Osmania Biscuits

Osmania Biscuits

¥288 ¥240
Picture of Chekralu/ Muruku/ Murukulu / Jantikalu

Chekralu/ Muruku/ Murukulu / Jantikalu

¥521 ¥479